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Beyond Imagination: BMW M5’s 7th Generation Arriving Soon 2024!

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📅- Arriving in 2024, the New BMW M5 is set to redefine the family Sedan category!

Attention car enthusiasts, especially BMW lovers! The long awaited BMW M5 is set to make its grand debut in 2024. Believe me or not, this 7th generation of BMW M5 is going to be your dream car. 

For the first time in 15 years, BMW introduced a vehicle that has both a wagon and sedan and named it “M5 Touring”. Additional technology of hybrid plug-in that has a combination of 4.4 litre fuel engine and 2 electricity motor that makes over 700 hp and 900 Nm of torque. 

For those, who’re waiting for the price announcement, it’s going to be higher than previous BMW’s M series. We have covered the prices in this blog, don’t miss out to check that. 

Overall, you can’t take your eyes off the luxurious interior and classy look,  as the new edition promises to take drivers beyond imagination with its impressive features and breathtaking performance.

What To Expect –  BMW M5’s 7th Generation Family Sedan!

This iconic BMW M5 family sedan approaches, enthusiasts can expect a combination of high performance, technology, and design upgrades that gives a luxurious look with a fascinating approach. Soon we can expect to see the BMW M5 most awaited sedan. However, release may vary until we don’t get any official announcement. Here are already the BMW M5’s this generation excites us, so these are the things you can expect from it:-


  1. Hybrid Technology

The M5 will come with a plug-in hybrid system that allows it to drive in  electric-only mode for more than 80 kilometres. This will offer enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It’s expected to have a 4.4 litre petrol engine and 2 electric motors, making over 700 hp and 900 Nm of torque. 


  1. Powerful Performance

The seventh generation of M5 will be at top of the list in terms of high performance sedan. It’s expected to use 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 producing 535kW of power, which makes it a powerful and breathtaking driving experience. 


  1. M5 Touring – Wagon Version

BMW has officially confirmed it will build an M5 touring- for the first time in 15 years, BMW will finally launch something that offers both sedan and wagon versions of the M5.

This wagon is named “M5 Touring”, and provides more versatility especially for those who prefer a larger cargo space. 


  1. Luxurious Interior

You can expect a high-tech and luxurious cabin similar to the electric i5. Leather and Alcantara, M enhancements, and carbon-fibre gives a premium feel. The thick sports steering wheel, comfortable seats and roomy vibes. However, many more interior features are yet to be revealed. 


  1. Advanced Technology

Another expectation from BMW belongs to advanced technology, BMW will likely introduce advanced driving-assist technologies to handle the added weight from the hybrid system. It could include rear-wheel steering, active roll stabilisation and adaptive suspension for enhanced handling. 


  1. Bold Design 

This M5 will feature subtle but bold design upgrades over the standard 5 series. We can expect changes to the front and rear bumpers, widened wheel arches, and quad exhaust pipes, giving it a sporty and stylish look.


  1. Higher Prices

With the addition of the plug-in hybrid system, the price of the new M5 may exceed $300,000 plus on-road costs. However, it’s worth it for the impressive performance and advanced features. The price may vary once as per the locations and due date of release. 


  1. Global Debut

BMW M5 is expected to make its global release early next year, once it debuted, BMW will announce local pricing and production details. So, let’s set reminders for the BMW M5’s 7th generation launch. 


Overall, BMW M5’s 7th generation promises to be an exciting and technologically advanced family sedan, providing a perfect blend of impressive performance, luxury and efficiency.


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How Much Price will be BMW M5’s Upcoming Model In Australia?

In Australia the BMW is recently increasing the price of the M5 series, even though a new model will be released soon. The price increased from $269,600 to $273,600. The reason it’s probably a way to gradually introduce the higher price of the upcoming series of M5. 


However, the price of the new launch of BMW M5’s 7th generation is yet to be officially announced, price will be released after it’s introduced globally which is happening in 2024. But it can be expected to be around $300,000


BMW M5’s 7th generation VS electric i5


As BMW M5’s 7th generation is somewhere relate with upcoming model BMW electric i5, so let’s compare these siblings all together and analyse which fits you more:- 



BMW M5’s (7 Generation)

BMW Electric i5


Hybrid plug-in, consistenting 4.4 litre petrol engine, 2 electric motors, making over 700 hp and 900 Nm of torque. 

All-electric with one or more electric motors.


High combined power with both advanced hybrid technology.

Quick acceleration due to strong torque from the electric motor. 

Environmental Impact 

Lower emission as compared to traditional M5, especially in all-electric mode.

Zero tailpipe emissions, environmentally-friendly.

Electric- Only Range

80km electric-only range on battery power before switching to the combustion engine.

As it’s an EV, the longer electric-only range, depending on the battery capacity.

Charging Time

It requires charging the battery, the charge times can depend on the charger type and battery size.

i5 charging time can vary depending on charger type and battery size. 

Fuel Efficiency 

Upgraded fuel efficiency when driving in Hybrid Mode. 

No fuel consumption, it runs alone on electricity. 

Driving Experience

It’s made for high-performance with an additional option for an electric-only mode. 

Smooth and quiet driving experience due to less engine noise. 

Watch This To Have First Look To The BMW M5 Upcoming Model

Once again, BMW shows its commitment towards uniqueness in their dedication to creating a car that will leave others in the dust. So enthusiasts, let’s get ready to experience the BMW M5’s 7th generation ride. To have a clear vision of BMW M5 upcoming generation, you can watch this video. This video shows the best view including interior, exterior of this family-friendly sedan. 


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