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How To Apply For Unregistered Vehicle Permit NSW? Easy Steps 2024

Are you going to drive an unregistered vehicle in NSW? Wait! Driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and considered an offence, and doing so can result in penalty fines. But worry not! We’re here to provide you with a solution: the NSW government offers permits for driving unregistered vehicles.

Before anything else, let’s understand how to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit, the requirements, eligibility criteria, vehicle types, and more. In this blog, we cover complete information about this permit. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Unregistered Vehicle Permit

The NSW government permits driving an unregistered vehicle on the road for a specific period by providing an Unregistered Vehicle Permit. This permission allows for the temporary operation of unregistered vehicles for a specific journey and duration along the fastest route. 

Note: For the overseas or interstate visitor, firstly you need to visit service NSW centre to get a customer number and then apply for the unregistered vehicle permit. Make sure to take your proof of identity document while visiting the service centre. 

When Is UVP Required

Now let’s understand when is unregistered vehicle permit (UVP) is required in NSW, so here are some situation common when UVP is required:-

  1. You will require a UVP if you take your unregistered car or vehicle somewhere, for instance: any new location or mechanic.
  2. In other situations, such as moving your unregistered vehicle for a specific reason, you may be required to drive it. Therefore, you need an unregistered vehicle permit as a temporary pass for that specific journey or duration.

Note: Before driving an unregistered vehicle on the road or throughout Australia, make sure to obtain UVP.

Requirements for Unregistered Vehicle Permit in NSW

Here is the list of requirements that are required to get an unregistered vehicle permit NSW:

  1. Proof of Identity (e.g. Driver Licence)
  2. Personal/Corporation details, including:-
  • Customer number or driver licence.
  1. Vehicle’s information.
  2. Old number plates (In case, your vehicle still obtain it)
  3. Details of specific journey
  4. Contact address : Australian ( For interstate visitor)
  5. Payment
  6. PDF forms:
  • Unregistered vehicle is safe to drive Declaration
  • Application for unregistered vehicle permit,

Eligibility for UVP  

It’s to see whether you’re eligible to get the unregistered vehicle permit or not, however it’s all situation based. Here is the eligibility criteria:

Allowed Journeys 

Single Journey

If you’re visiting from one place to another.

Return Journey

If you’re going from one place to another and return back.

Multiple Journey

If you’re travelling for more than 28 days, going from one place to many more places.

Specific Use

Any specific use for driving unregistered vehicles, for example: Harvesting. That is a maximum of 28 days. 

If you’re going outside of NSW to another state or returning from another state

If you’re moving large mobile cranes over 4.5 tonnes from one to another place. 

NOT Eligible Vehicle


If the vehicle is written off, declared in NSW or another state.

Currently Registered

Registered vehicles are NOT eligible.


If your vehicle is involved in illegal activity such as Stolen, it is NOT eligible.

Suspended Registration

If your vehicle has suspended registration or has a defect notice. 

Exempt From Registration

If your vehicle isn’t required to be registered regularly ( Exempt)

Carrying load for business

For business purposes or commercial stuff, you’re NOT eligible to get a UVP.

Modification without Permission

If your vehicle is modified but it doesn’t have the proper compliance certificate. 

Steps To Apply Unregistered Vehicle Permit : Offline & Online

There are two types of options available to apply Unregistered Vehicle Permit, here are the steps to follow:

In this table, there are different ways to apply for UVP:

Apply : In Person

Apply : Via Email or Post

1.Download these following forms:
Vehicle suitable for safe use declarationApplication for unregistered vehicle permit

1. Submit your completed form via Email: transactions.parkes@service.nsw.gov.au 

(Unregistered Vehicle permit online)

2.Complete these forms 


3.Bring all necessary paperwork with you, including proof of identity. Additionally, if you have the old number plate, bring that as well.

2.Submit your complete form via POST: mail the form to – Service NSW, PO Box 21, Parkes, NSW, 2870. 

4.Now visit your nearby service centre.


5.Submit your completed forms and documents to the service centre. 


Fines of Driving Unregistered Vehicle in NSW

You may need to drive your unregistered vehicle, but it’s against the NSW law until you have the permission from the authorities. In case you get caught on the road driving an unregistered vehicle without the permit then you will end up paying the penalty. 

On the other hand, if NSW police caught you, they firstly ensure its registration by using the cameras to check the number plates. If they found it unregistered they are allowed to do:-

  1. Seize your vehicle
  2. Remove vehicle’s number plate

In addition, driving an unregistered vehicle in NSW is considered an offence, which may result in fines for breaking the rules.

The attached screenshot is based on currently applicable information. For more detailed information, it is recommended to visit the official website of the NSW government. Licence and registration offences and penalties 







Important Notes

There are other essential notes that you need to know while getting an unregistered vehicle permit NSW. These are the following things to remember;-

  • The Limits on Roads: You can only use roads to drive but not like regular driving, when getting an unregistered vehicle permit.
  • Duration of UVP: The time limit of UVP depends on the type of specific trip you applied for. The fastest route to complete the specific journey, you are not allowed to drive any extra days.
  • Exceptions: You will not require UVP, if you’re repairing your car to pass a safety inspection. 
  • Remove Number Plate: You need to remove the number plate from your vehicle before using an unregistered vehicle permit.
  • Cancelled Registration: You need to remove your vehicle’s number plate if you have a cancelled registration before you obtain the unregistered vehicle permit, and keep it removed until your vehicle is seasonally registered.
  • Travelling Interstate: You can use UVP in other states, similarly other states permits are allowed in NSW.

For the entire trip in another state, you can’t obtain a NSW unregistered vehicle permit. However, if you’ve started the journey in another state and ended it in NSW, then you can obtain a permit in NSW.

  • Green Slip (CTP Insurance): Your permit also includes the cost of Green Slip (CTP insurance). Green slip does not work on private property, it works when you’re driving on roads or road-related areas. 
  • Conditions: The permit itself comes with conditions and rules for driving on roads or road-related areas.

For example: The permit may include some “Secret Codes” and to understand them you need to check the list of registration and vehicle codes provided by the authorities. Registration and vehicle codes | NSW Government 

  • Sending someone to get the permit on your behalf: In case, you’re not available to collect an UVP, you are allowed to send someone else on your behalf. 

However, you need to fill out the details of the person on your behalf in the “Representative’s Authority” section in the same application form, as shown in the screenshot below.:-

Another option is to provide your representative with a letter authorising them to obtain a permit on your behalf. However, your representative still needs to present their own proof of identity.


To avoid an offence of driving an unregistered vehicle in NSW and potential fees associated with it, make sure to get an unregistered vehicle permit before driving on NSW roads. Whether you’re applying for this permit for the first time or just need details about it, this blog has all the necessary information to guide you through the process. Drive safely!

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