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Why Kia K3 Isn’t Coming to Australia – Kia Rio Replaced by K3 in 2024

2024 Kia K3

Kia has officially revealed the highly-anticipated 2024 Kia K3, showcasing a more sporty and SUV-inspired appearance along with a new name, sleek design, advanced features, and innovative technology. However, this announcement has left car enthusiasts and kia fans in Australia disappointed! As per the sources, it’s confirmed that K3 will not be available in Australia. 

The 2024 Kia K3 has already been released in Mexico,  while the world will experience the new era of Kia except Australia, let’s figure out the details of this game-changing announcement and explore the reasons behind its unique strategy.  

Name Change and it’s Not Coming to Australia

The 2024 kia K3 is the successor to the Rio city car, adopting a sportier design with SUV elements. Those who followed up kia for a long time must know that the K3 name, previously used for the larger Cerato in certain markets including Australia, now replaces the Rio name for the city-sized model. 

As K3 has already launched in Mexico, and due to manufacturing limitations it won’t be released in some places including australia.

Reasons Why It’s Not For Australia?

Kia established the well-reputed in the Australian market as a reliable brand by giving comfort rides, while this time Australians might get quite disappointed to know that Kia has sort of limitation to release in some places with their latest model K3. 

However, before you feel down to hear this announcement you must understand the reasons behind this big statement. 

The reason is clear that It’s not being made in a version suitable for driving on the left side of the road, which is why Australia will not be able to experience K3.

Instead, the upcoming K3 model aimed to be released in countries with less strict regulations for car safety and emissions. Including- Latin America, the Middle East and South-East Asia. 

Key Features & Appearance Of Kia New Gen

The trendy Kia K3 showcases an array of impressive features that promise an comfortable driving as always with unique experience. Here are the key elements you can expect from the Kia K3 :- 

Refresh Design The kia K3 will showcase a refreshed and modern design with the combination of sportier appearance with SUV styling.
Size & Dimensions  The Kia K3 is noticeably larger than its previous models, with dimensions measuring 4545 mm in length, 1765mm in width and 1475mm in height. 
The longer wheelbase of 2670mm contributes to increased interior space and a substantial 544 litres of boot space. 
Efficient Engine Options K3 features engine options that includes:1.6-litre non-turbo four-cylinder engine producing 90kW, available with both manual and automatic transmissions. 
The GT-line model offers a more powerful 112kW 2.0-litre non-turbo four-cylinder engine paired with a six-speed automatic. 
Interior & Connectivity Interior of the K3 includes a 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen that provides wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Dual-zone climate control.Rear air vents64- colour ambient cabin lighting system.These will enhance the interior comfort experience. 
Safety Feature The K3 combines a range of advanced safety technologies, including:-Autonomous emergency braking, Lane-keep assist, Blind-spot monitoring, Rear cross-traffic alert, Driver attention warning,Total of six airbags. 

Tables presented by: Senior Author Of Scrap Cars Removal Sydney.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs 

Is the Kia K3 the same as the Cerato?

Yes, the Kia K3 is the same as the Kia Cerato, known by different names in various regions.

Is there hope for the 2024 Kia K3 to be available in Australia in the future?

While the 2024 Kia K3 is not currently available in Australia, there is a possibility that Kia might consider bringing a suitable version to the Australian market in the future,

What are the main markets where the Kia K3 will be sold?

The Kia K3 will be primarily targeted at developing markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, and South-East Asia.

The 2024 Kia K3 is the next-generation version of the Kia Rio, a compact city car. It comes with a new name and several updates.

Why did Kia change the name from Rio to K3 for the new-generation model?

Kia decided to apply the K3 name, previously used for the larger Cerato, to the city-sized Rio as part of a major name reshuffle for their passenger cars.


In conclusion, the 2024 Kia K3 brings a sporty SUV-inspired design and advanced features. But unfortunately, it won’t be available in Australia due to manufacturing limitations and left-hand drive constraints. The K3’s larger dimension, efficient engines and modern interior make it a standout model. 

While Australian Car enthusiasts might be disappointed, Kia’s global strategy aims to introduce the K3 in regions with suitable regulations, again showing their commitment to innovation and driving excellence. However, we can hope Kia will bring the perfect ride for Aussies in Future. 

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