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Safety Recall Alert: Hyundai i30, 2010-2011 Models Recalled

Came outside to my steering wheel - hyundai airbag

Recall alert: Hyundai has issued an urgent recall for around 200 first-generation i30 vehicles due to a problem with their airbag inflators. 

These inflators could potentially break when the airbags deploy, causing metal pieces and compressed gas shoot out. This can pose specific danger to the people inside the car, if you own these affected cars, contact your nearby Hyundai dealer to get the airbags replaced for free! 

Issue Identified

Hyundai has started a recall that involves around 200 first-generation i30 vehicles of 2010-11, due to a risky problem with their airbags inflators.

Notice Issued by Hyundai: REC-005761 – Hyundai Motor Company – HYUNDAI i30 2010 – 2011 | Vehicle Recalls 

Why Should I Consider – Safety Risks 

If you own one of these affected cars then you must consider this, as the company’s official recall notice states that there is a potential for the driver’s airbag inflator to rupture in the event of airbag deployment. 

This rupture could lead to expulsion of compressed gas and metal fragments, which pose a significant threat of serious injury or even death to passengers. 

Not Related to Takata Recall

Please Note: This is NOT related to the previous Takata airbag recall. 

It’s different from the one involving Takata airbags that affected many car brands  previously. Hyundai clearly mentioned, they wanted to make it clear that they didn’t get their airbag inflators from Takata for this recall. 

Your safety is Hyundai’s priority.

Some people are still confused about whether it relates with recent issues of ARC airbags?

Well, Hyundai has stated that this recall is only related to their own airbag inflators. So it’s completely unrelated that it belongs to ARC airbags issues.

Affected Vehicles

A total number of vehicles 213, from the model years 2010- 2011.

These identified as being replaced by this recall – free of cost.

Necessary Action

Hyundai recalling people who own the cars that are having this problem to promptly contact their nearby Hyundai dealers. To ensure the safety of Hyundai owners and the passengers. 

Contact Hyundai

For more inquiries or assistance, please contact Hyundai Customer Care at 1800 186 306.

Remember, it’s highly recommended to consider this recall. However, if you’re deciding to dispose of your affected i30, then prefer reputable disposal services like scrap car removal Sydney. These experts ensure eco-friendly processes that meet legal regulations and minimise harmful environmental impacts.

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